FBOR’23 #ShePaddles Cymru Race

Supported by STELLAR SUPs & Surfskis

SUNDAY 9th July – Short, in-harbour race just for women, organised by Canoe Wales #ShePaddles Cymru initiative.


Course Description


The FBOR’23 #ShePaddles ladies race is a initiative from Canoe Wales aimed at encouraging less less experienced paddlers to participate in a fun but challenging sea race. Now in its second year, it will be geared to build your confidence towards more advanced coastal SUP paddling and longer races.

FBOR’23 is in its 8th year with competitors coming from all over the UK as well as further afield. Initially an Ocean SKi race, the Sunday event attracts some of the best ocean SUP that GB has to offer – most of them ladies!

Fishguard Harbour embraces a large area of relatively sheltered water which is ideal for watersports. One of our local SUP coaches and season marathon racer, Martin Barlow, will be setting the course as soon as the weather is more or less certain for race day – most likely on Thursday, 6th July – in consultation with the Canoe Wales #ShePaddles team.

This race is open to all aspiring female SUP and kayak competitors with courses of about 3km for all ladies, with medals, trophies and other prizes.

You’ll paddle the deep clear water of the Irish Sea around a series of markers within Fishguard Harbour, starting a finishing on Goodwick’s sandy beach at SA640DE

Entry Criteria


As a race committee we have to be sure that every competitor who enters either of these races is capable, in all respects, to successfully complete the course. That specifically means you must have a well practiced, 100% “bullet-proof” remount that, if necessary, you can successfully repeat a dozen times without assistance.

So, to enter the race online you will be required to agree to the Acceptance of Risk Statement (see below), which you will be asked to sign in person as hard copy at registration, will be your statement of assurance to the Race Officer that you are fit and capable of safely finishing The Race.

When we receive your entry you’ll get more detailed race information and, closer to the race date, a detailed course description and virtual race briefing.

 When taking part in this race you agree to abide by the GB Oceanski / Canoe Wales rules. Click to view and download.



All competitors must wear a PFD and Ankle, Calf or Waist leash, and whistle attached to the PFD. Please show your safety equipment at registration or no race!


To compete, all individual paddlers must be insured through one of the the Home Countries Canoeing NGBs: Canoe Wales/Canoe England/Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland. If you’re already a full member of one of these, then you’re already covered.

If you’re NOT a member you will need to take out day membership at race registration at £5/day, which explains the price difference in your online entry fee.


CLICK HERE To buy Canoe Wales Day Membership


Your safety, the safety of your craft, its entire equipment, including insurance, shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/paddler racing the ski/board. Where a ski/board has been borrowed/rented/hired, etc. it is the paddler’s responsibility that the vessel meets the required standard and insurance requirements.

Please note that, in the event of an emergency, the rescue crews have been briefed to prioritise the survival and safety of the casualty above recovery of boat or equipment.

Acceptance of Risk Statement


“I have read the above description of the Fishguard Bay Ocean Race (The Race) and confirm that:

  1)  I have solid and provable experience in the expected conditions (up to Beaufort force 5) and duration the 3km of The Race.

  2)  I can consistently self-rescue/remount my craft in these conditions – multiple times if need be.

  3)  I take full responsibility for the accuracy of my declared experience and competence as provided to the race officer.

  4)  I am fit and capable of successfully and safely finishing The Race without assistance.

5)  I confirm that my equipment is in full working order and includes each of the items listed below:

  • Bouyancy Aid / PFD
  • Calf leash / Ankle leash
  • Whistle

#ShePaddles FBOR'23 - Acceptance of Risk

FBOR'23 Canoe Wales Racing Rules

Sunday Open Race Schedule



SUNDAY 9h July from 10:00 to 11:15 at Ocean Lab Car Park SA64 0DE


Briefing and Craft Check

SUNDAY 11:15 on Goodwick Beach



All Classes 12:00  


Car Parking

You can leave your boats on the grass by Ocean Lab carpark at Goodwick (SA640DE). we’ll be on site from 08:00 to watch them. There is Pay & Display parking at Ocean Lab at £5 for the day – coins only. Please pay your £5 when you get there – it’s much cheaper than a fine! FBOR’23 is in summer holiday season, so grab your parking spot EARLY . . .

You need to be present for Registration and Briefing or you will not race.

Prize Giving

Will be 1 hour after the last paddler finishes –  the FBOR Open Race trophy, Class Trophies, Medals and Practical Prizes

More Info To Follow

When we receive your entry we’ll email you much more information about the course and the way the day will run.

If you need to ask question first please email or phone us from our CONTACT PAGE.

Looking forward to seeing you in July!



FBOR’23 #ShePaddles Race Entries

#ShePaddles 5km CW members

#ShePaddles Entry 3km - Canoe Wales members

Open to all female Canoe Wales members – 3km race.



#ShePaddles 5km CW members

#ShePaddles Entry 3km - Open

Open to all female SUP paddlers – 3km race.