Ocean Ski Rules Condensed 2021

The rules shown below are a simplified and shortened version of the SLSGB and GB Ocean Ski rules for Distance Ski Races.The rules shown below are a simplified and shortened version of the SLSGB and GB Ocean Ski rules for Distance Ski Races.


Ocean Ski Racing Courses

Courses may be changed at short notice to suit the conditions on the day of the race. These races are approximately 16km and the same course is used for Open Men / Ladies, Master Men and Veteran categories.

These distances may vary depending upon the type of competition and category of paddlers entering.



1. All paddlers are required to wear a Personal Floatation Device/Buoyancy Aid (PFD).

2. Anyone finishing a race without their PFD on will be disqualified.

3. VHF or Mobile Phone in a water proof pouch are Mandatory

4. Leashes are compulsory.

5. If a paddler does not offer assistance to another paddler in distress, they will be disqualified from that race, unless offering assistance puts the paddler in danger themselves. (Positioning may be amended)

6. All paddlers to give their number to the time keeper at the end of race.

7. Any paddler not completing the course must record their race number with the time keeper.

8. A race briefing must take place immediately before the start of the race to confirm the racecourse, safety issues and any other salient facts.

9. It is the paddler’s responsibility to ensure that they are present at the race briefing and no responsibility will be accepted by the organisers for the competitors who were not present. Competitors should be notified of the briefing upon registration or before the race start.

10. Competitors may be required to land ashore or pass through check points for safety or other reasons, at points designated by the race organisers.

11. It is the responsibility of the race organisers to institute a search for any competitor who had not crossed the finish line or advised of his withdrawal.

12. The costs of this search will be borne by the competitor who had withdrawn and not notified the race organisers.

13. Race organisers are responsible for, and obliged, to meet British Canoeing/Canoe Wales event criteria to run an Ocean Ski Race. Additional criteria may also be required.

14.There will be a sweep safety craft following the field in longer distances where individuals go out of site of the start and finish lines.



  • All paddlers must register before the race.
  • All competitors will be required to complete event Registration and Indemnity forms.
  • Race Entries will be taken online – no race entries on the day.


  • Competitors steady their skis in line in knee-deep water about 1.5m apart.
  • Competitors must obey directions from the starter or check starter concerning ski alignment at the start.
  • On the starting signal, competitors paddle their skis around the course.

False starters

  • Will receive a 2 Minute time penalty.
  • False starters will not be recalled (but will be informed of the penalty at the end of the race)

N.B, the race organiser may change the Beach start / finish should conditions require them to do so.  This may be for safety reasons or in order to protect the competitor’s craft.

Competitor numbers

Covid-19 regulations limit the total number of participants to 30, including volunteers. FBOR’21 will run two separate but nearly simultaneous races, with a maximum of 20 competitors per race: the Orange fleet with orange bibs and the Yellow fleet with yellow bibs. Competitors will be assigned to one fleet or the other at registration and each race will have a separate start.


  • Any competitor who does not comply with safety requirements will be disqualified.
  • Any competitor who does not follow the prescribed race course on the day will be disqualified.
  • Any competitor who intentionally rides the wake of a motorised craft will be disqualified.
  • Any competitor, who gains unfair advantage through unsportsmanlike behaviour, will be disqualified.

Whilst it is difficult to monitor wash riding on powered craft by paddlers. It is extremely unsportsmanlike to do so. All safety / camera boats will be instructed to stop forward motion if they feel a paddler is riding their wash.


  • The finishing line will be between 5 and 10m from water’s edge.
  • The paddler must jump off their ski.
  • Run through finishing flags with their paddle.
  • The finish is judged on the competitor’s chest crossing the finish line. Competitors must finish on their feet in an upright position.

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