FBOR’23 OPEN Race Results


First across line: SS3  01:02:19 – but not eligible for prize!

GB SS2 Mixed Champions: Jane Swarbreck & Andrew Birkett in 01:02:54

FBOR’23 OPEN Race – 9th July

Full results for Sunday’s Open Race, which gave us a full range of conditions from sunshine downwind to full monsoon downpour with hail! It’s been great to welcome OC1s and 2s this year, along with SUPs to share our super North Pembrokeshire paddling waters.

ELITE entries in Sunday’s OPEN Race (except in another classes: Mixed SS2, OC1 & OC2) were not eligible for Prizes so as to make them more accessible for keen paddlers who are not able to train day in and day out!

Ocean canoe at the finish line

Overall Results

CLASSNAMEPositionFinish Time
SS3 MALESteve Baker/Brett Irvine/Michael Lavarak101:02:19
SS2 MixedAndrew Birkett / Jane Swarbek201:02:54
SS2 MixedDrew Howells / Rosie Edwards301:05:13
MASTERSStephen Askew401:06:09
VETERANSPaul Kingman501:06:17
MASTERSJoe Andrews601:06:56
SS2 MixedAmy Daysh / James Block701:07:45
VETERANSPhilip Nye801:08:37
OC-2James Robertson / Anthony Whitmore901:09:19
SS2 MixedLiv Geddes / Joe Railton1001:10:14
OC-2Joel Thompson / Paulo Gonclaves1101:11:21
MASTERSJeremy Gibson1201:12:37
OPENEdward Evans - TOOK SS2 COURSE!1301:12:39
SS2 MALEJon White / Jim Taylor-Ross1401:12:44
MASTERSTom Walker1501:12:57
LADIESElly O’Connell1601:12:58
MASTERSNick Cresswell1701:13:22
MASTERSRob Knott1801:13:26
OC-2Stefanie Mullins / Richard Parrot1901:13:52
Men doubleTom McGibbon / Steve Blackshall2001:14:18
OC-1Oliver Thomson2101:14:27
VETERANSTom Mason2201:14:53
SS2 MixedStuart Sherman / Karen O’D Harris2301:14:57
OC-1Andy Trunks2401:18:01
SS2 MixedJohn & Sally Holland (Short, single ski route)2501:18:25
MASTERSJon Boakes2601:18:36
SS2 MixedClive & Chloe Gasson 2701:20:47
OC-1Marius Zarnescu2801:22:50
VETERANSMike Counter2901:23:39
MASTERSSteve Hayward3001:24:53
LADIESSara Hill3101:27:27
VETERANSJonathan Clement3201:28:19
OC-1Art Beutler3301:28:41
OPEN SUPJoe Jones3401:33:58
OPEN SUPBen Beachell3501:37:14
OPEN SUPEmily King3601:42:24
OPEN SUPMartin Barlow3701:49:15

Monsoon at Cwm-yr-Eglwys!

Results by Category

SS2 MixedAndrew Birkett and Jane Swarbek101:02:54
SS2 MixedDrew Howells / Rosie Edwards201:05:13
SS2 MixedAmy Daysh / James Block301:07:45
SS2 MixedLiv Geddes / Joe Railton401:10:14
SS2 MixedStuart Sherman / Karen O’D Harris501:14:57
SS2 MixedJohn & Sally Holland (Short, single ski route)601:18:25
SS2 MixedClive & Chloe Gasson 701:20:47
SS3 MALESteve Baker / Brett Irvine / Michael Lavarak 101:02:19
SS2 MALEJon White / Jim Taylor-Ross201:12:44
SS2 MALETom McGibbon / Steve Blackshall301:14:18
OPENEdward Evans - TOOK SS2 COURSE!101:12:39
LADIESElly O’Connell101:12:58
LADIESSara Hill201:27:27
MASTERSStephen Askew101:06:09
MASTERSJoe Andrews201:06:56
MASTERSJeremy Gibson301:12:37
MASTERSTom Walker401:12:57
MASTERSNick Cresswell501:13:22
MASTERSRob Knott601:13:26
MASTERSJon Boakes701:18:36
MASTERSSteve Hayward801:24:53
VETERANSPaul Kingman101:06:17
VETERANSPhilip Nye201:08:37
VETERANSTom Mason301:14:53
VETERANSMike Counter401:23:39
VETERANSJonathan Clement501:28:19
OC-1Oliver Thomson101:14:27
OC-1Andy Trunks201:18:01
OC-1Marius Zarnescu301:22:50
OC-1Art Beutler401:28:41
OC-2James Robertson / Anthony Whitmore101:09:19
OC-2Joel Thompson / Paulo Gonclaves201:11:21
OC-2Stefanie Mullins / Richard Parrot301:13:52
OPEN SUPJoe Jones101:33:58
OPEN SUPBen Beachell201:37:14
OPEN SUPEmily King301:42:24
OPEN SUPMartin Barlow401:49:15
Mother holds winner's prize high.