FBOR’18 Race Results

Winning time for Fishguard Bay Ocean Race 2018 on 5th May was
1 hour, 3 minutes and 39 sec by Willem Prinsloo and Richard England in their Fenn Elite Double.

Willem and Richard win the Perennial Trophy, the Doubles Trophy, properly earned throughout a hard fought race from start to finish

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Overall Results

1Willem Prinsloo & Richard England1:03:39Double Ski
2Jon Simmons1:04:48Open Ski
3David Horkan1:04:53Open Ski
4Steve King & Jim Connelly1:04:59Double Ski
5Ryan James1:12:49Open SUP
6Benjamin Edom1:13:02Masters Ski
7Robert Stevenson1:17:07Masters Ski
8Steve Gynn & Anita Stacy1:18:02Double Ski
9David Pringle1:20:12Open Ski
10Phil Plume1:21:28Open SUP
11Chris Thorne1:21:57Open SUP
12Karel MacLean1:25:50Masters Ski
13Ginnie Odetayo1:23:12Ladies SUP
14Andy Campbell1:25:40Open SUP
15Fred Taylor1:26:04Open Ski
16Jon Roberts1:26:14Open SUP

Results by Class

Double Ski
1Willem Prinsloo & Richard England1:03:39
2Steve King & Jim Connelly1:04:59
3Steve Gynn & Anita Stacy1:18:02
Open Ski
1Jon Simmonds1:04:48
2David Horkan1:04:53
3David Pringle1:20:12
4Fred Taylor1:23:12
Open SUP
1Ryan James1:12:49
2Phil Plume1:21:28
3Chris Thorne1:21:57
4Andy Campbell1:25:40
5Jon Roberts1:26:14
Ladies SUP
1Ginnie Odetayo1:23:12
Masters Ski
1Benjamin Edom1:13:02
2Robert Stevenson1:17:07
3Karel MacLean1:25:50