FBOR’19 Race Results

Winning time for Fishguard Bay Ocean Race 2019 on 11th May was
1 hour, 3 minutes and 39 sec by Willem Prinsloo and Richard England in their Fenn Elite Double.

Willem and Richard win the Perennial Trophy again! A well earned result in very challenging conditions.

See the full FBOR'19 write-up in Canoe Wales Magazine

Overall Results

1Willem Prinsloo and Richard England01:13:17Double Ski
2Jim King01:15:00Open Ski
3Steve King01:15:23Master's Ski
4James Mayers01:18:08Master's Ski
5Matt Rowlands01:22:28Open Ski
6Jim Morrissey01:23:01Master's Ski
7Benjamin Edom01:23:26Veteran Ski
8Stuart Sherman01:23:43Veteran Ski
9Simon Derham01:23:54Master's Ski
10Robert Stevenson01:28:30Veteran Ski
11Robin Flack and Dad01:29:07Double Ski
12Kevin Mussell01:31:23Master's Ski
13Oliver Main01:32:58Master's Ski
14Karel MacLean01:33:20Master's Ski
15Alan Cole01:35:13Master's Ski
16Sam Clarke01:37:58Open Ski
17Steve Gynn and Anita Stacy 01:42:18Double Ski
18Michael Counter01:47:43Veteran Ski
19Craig Burkert01:48:45Open Ski
RetiredMartin TongeretiredMaster's Ski
RetiredRichard HumphreysretiredMaster's Ski
RetiredMark SpruceretiredVeteran Ski
RetiredFred TaylorretiredVeteran Ski
1Mark Evans01:02:11Open SUP
2Martin Barlow01:02:41Open SUP

Results by Class

ClassNoNameFinish Time
Double Ski1Willem Prinsloo and Richard England01:13:17
Double Ski2Robin Flack and Dad01:29:07
Double Ski3Steve Gynn and Anita Stacy01:42:18
Open Ski1Jim King01:15:00
Open Ski2Matt Rowlands01:22:28
Open Ski3Sam Clarke01:37:58
Open Ski4Craig Burkert01:48:45
Masters Ski4Simon Derham01:23:54
Masters Ski5Kevin Mussell01:31:23
Masters Ski6Oliver Main01:32:58
Masters Ski7Karel MacLean01:33:20
Masters Ski8Alan Cole01:35:13
Masters SkiRetiredMartin Tongeretired
Masters SkiRetiredRichard Humphreysretired
Verean Ski1Benjamin Edom01:23:26
Veteran Ski2Stuart Sherman01:23:43
Veteran Ski3Robert Stevenson01:28:30
Veteran Ski4Michael Counter01:47:43
Veteran SkiRetiredMark Spruceretired
Veteran SkiRetiredFred Taylorretired
Open SUP1Mark Evans01:02:11
Open SUP2Martin Barlow01:02:41