Surfski Coaching Courses

Our Next Course is

8-9th AUGUST 2020!

AND we’ll be running two courses a month through through September and end of October, to make up for losing half the season.


Next Course:

8-9th AUGUST 2020

at Fishguard, Pembrokeshire.



A general, practical introduction to surfski paddling for people with some experience of canoe or kayak who want to understand how to apply that to ski.

  * Ski paddling Safety, Preparation and Equipment

  * How to develop a rock-solid remount 

  * Safe and fast beach starts

  * Efficient and effective forward paddling strokes for varying conditions

  * Understanding and working with waves

  * How to handle the impact zone – and much more

This and all our courses,

will comply with  Canoe Wales approved C-19 measures


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Course dates at Fishguard for 2020


The course levels shown are suggestions – they can be easily changed to suit what you want!


Aug 8-9th                    Improver > Intermediate

Aug 22-23rd               FBOR’20 Race

Sept 5-6th                   Race Ready!

Sept 26-27th              Improver > Intermediate

Oct  10-11th                  Intermediate > Advanced

Oct  24-25th               Intermediate > Advanced


Despite Ocean Ski paddling’s explosive growth in popularity here, this discipline has only just been recognised by British Canoeing and there is, as yet, no formal coaching structure set up. There are still very few tailored training and coaching courses for beginners, improvers and intermediates – although occasional elite clinics offered by such outstanding paddlers as Sean Rice, Oscar Chalupski and Ivan Lawler are available.

Effective Ocean Ski paddling incorporates elements from several other disciplines, including sprint, marathon, white water racing, wave ski and, of course, sea kayaking. Most ski paddlers have entered from other aspects of canoe and kayak sport and find that applying their existing skills can provide a great start in their ski adventures.

On the other hand, some of those well established habits that work fine in other canoe-kayaking disciplines often lead to serious limitations when applied to ski. Even a sea kayak coach’s decades of knowledge about wind, tide and weather wont necessarily help him/her to consistently catch and work runners in a much these lighter, faster and more responsive boats.  

The Coach

Ben Edom has a lifetime of experience in kayak and canoe paddling, coaching and competition, including GB Sprint Team and a national championship win and 10 years of Ski paddling in Australia on Queesland’s Sunshine Coast and Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This breadth of experience, and often daily playing on those big Pacific swells, enables Ben to communication simple, clear key insights, valuable hints and subtle techniques, all personally tested with serious sea time.

Now back in training, and one of the team riders for Stellar UK and Rough Water Gear, Ben has earned a string of podium places in 2018 and 2019 races. And bringing his coaching skills right up to date in 2020 Benjamin has qualified as a British Canoeing Race Coach.

“I love the sea and want to help anyone who takes on the thrills and challenges of wind and wave on a ski to be more effective and aware so you can enjoy every trip all the more. If that means you can beat me – all the better!”

The Courses

There are three tiers of day, weekend, or longer courses to suit everyone except ocean ski experts:


A general, practical introduction to surfski paddling for people with some experience of canoe or kayak who want to understand how to apply that to ski. Offers a sound foundation of principles, safety considerations and plenty of practical techniques to take home and work on.


For paddlers with canoe-kayak and at some ski experience who are ready to up their game on their ski. We cover a wide range of vital ski-specific seamanship and paddling techniques, while looking for a more focused and proactive attitude than in the Improvers course.

Race Ready 

When you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, build on your established experience on surfski and/or other paddling disciplines. Weak points will be targeted, solutions offered, and you’ll take away lots of new ways to achieve and enjoy more power, speed, and efficiency every time you go out on the sea – and race! This course expects a disciplined and competitive participant attitude.

Our Next Course in 2020 will be 25-26TH JULY

– email Benjamin for more info:

Benjamin Edom is a British Canoeing qualified Race Coach and has full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance through Insure4Sport.