FBOR’17 Race Results

Winning time for Fishguard Bay Ocean Race 2017 on September 2nd was
1 hr and 57 sec by Paul Baker and Jim King in their double ski.

Paul and Jim win the Perennial Trophy, the Doubles Trophy, and for a hard fought race from start to finish, they also claim the Weekend Break in an award winning Eco Pod at Fishguard Bay Resort!

1Paul Baker RMKA & Jim King1:00:57
2Willem Prinsloo & Richard England1:01:13
3Leo Turnell-Ritson & Francis Hungerford1:01:34
4Lewis Kirton1:02:26
5Jon Boyton1:02:36
6Paul Kingman1:07:05
7Jim Taylor-Ross1:09:46
8Adrian Trickett1:10:47
9Kevin Mussell1:12:27
10Robert Stevenson1:12:45
11Andrew Phillips1:14:33
12Jessica Gardner & Sam Taylor1:14:44
13Greg Tonetti1:15:49
14Gareth Rice1:16:11
15John Gynn & Anita Stacey1:19:41
16Joe Green1:19:49
17Mike Counter1:25:35
18Mark Spruce1:30:01
19Glen Parry1:30:49
20Will Wilson1:32:10

Class Winners

Double Ski – Paul Baker & Jim King


Open Ski – Lewis Kirton


 Masters Ski – Paul Kingman


 Veterans Ski – Robert Stevenson