Intermediate to Advanced Surfski Course


For paddlers with some ski experience who want to up their game on Ocean Ski.

We cover a range of vital ski-specific seamanship
seamanship and paddling techniques for more challenging conditions, when you’re ready to discover new strengths and skills for more confidence and fun!


Four practical water sessions over two days to maximise you advanced ski handling and paddling including:


  •   Techniques – the balance of speed / effectiveness, efficiency and safety


  •   Pre-paddle warm up and routines to improve mobility


  • Paddling drills for more speed, power, stability and confidence.


  •  Improving your beach starts


  •  Efficient paddling stroke for different wind and water conditions – in the boat and individually analysed on single and double sided ergo.


  • Picking, catching and milking runners and groundswell


  • Planning your training – and much more.



Book your place early – just sign up here and / or ask for a more detailed course plan, cost, etc. Please tell us it’s the Intermediate>Advanced Course you want!

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