Four Day Intensive

When you’re ready to take your skills, confidence and performance to the next level.

Go faster, be more relaxed, and more in tune with the ocean.

Four-Day Intensive Surfski Course

About the Course

When you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, build on your established experience on surfski and/or other paddling disciplines – this is for you. And when you want to go faster, be more relaxed and more in tune with the ocean – you’re ready for the four-day intensive surfski course!

Everyone is at a different stage

in their ski paddling development, partly depending upon which discipline they are used to, then their fitness level, physiology and motivations.

This course offers individual coaching for getting you from ‘where you are’ on your next steps towards where you want to be, which are hugely varied depending on your goals and dreams.

Day by day content will be governed by your goals, your progress and needs in the context of the available wind and sea conditions. We’ll take to the ocean as much as you have stamina for and will comprehensively cover at least the following:

Calm water training
Dry Land Sessions                                                   
  • Safety equipment and its safe use
  • Choosing you Ski and setting it up the best from it.
  • Finding your optimal Paddle size, length, feather and hand spacing
  • Planning and decision making for solo and group paddling
  • Forward paddling principles and on-land practice.

A single, and double-sided Ergo will be available for paddling simulation and analysis as often as needed.

Calm Water Skills and Drills

All top ski paddlers spend a good portion of the training time on sheltered developing and refining forward paddling technique and a range of vital skills that make ocean paddling much more effective and enjoyable.

Downwind Paddling

We work systematically to give you the key skills and awarenesses and how to apply them in real conditions. The best way to get familiar with how waves work is to be out in them to see and feel how they move. We cover the simple key principles to bear in mind to discover the joy of real downwind paddling.

4-day intensive downwind
Launch and Recovery Through Surf

Even relatively small waves breaking on an exposed beach will present a respectable handle of hazards. We learn to read the beach and the surf, precautions when leaving and returning, surf specific skills, and how to make the best decisions to land safely with a big a smile!

If you have specific skills, not mentioned above, that you’d like to develop they can easily be included.

4-day intensive surf

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