Time to Catch those Runners!

We’ve had to let the Fishguard 2020 Downwind Series go . .


Spring 2021

The NOT-RACE  events of the year!

Fishguard Downwind series offers Ocean ski, OC and SUP paddlers of all classes a spectacular 14kms of ocean runners from Goodwick to Newport. The Ocean Racing season may be ending soon, but how about a fun and challenging 14kms of open-sea swell giving you a downwind experience to remember? It will give you some local knowledge of the FBOR’19 course in advance! 

Why these dates?

– To ensure a favourable tide at sensible times so people can get to Fishguard in the morning and home in the evening.

Why Sundays?

– The dates coincide with the second day of our Ski Coaching weekends – but the downwinds are open to anyone

Down here in Pembrokeshire we’re watching the waves roll past again and want to share them with other paddlers – so come on down and join the party.

What people have asked for is NOT a race, more of a cruise – if that’s possible on a racing boat when you’re having fun!


The Course – with expected wind from S’ly to NW’ly

Starting with a 6km downwind leg growing from sheltered to entirely exposed around Dinas Head and the next 5km to round the rocky islet of Cerrig Edrywy, turning inshore for the final 2.5km to cross the bar and up the river. Finishing on the beach at Newport Parrog (below the car park).

For more info on the Downwind Course

Be Prepared!

You must be confident and competent at riding 4ft swells with an offset tailwind (possibly gusting to Force 5) and be 100% capable of unaided reentry in these conditions. The support RIB drivers are top class but they, and all the paddlers, need you to be strongly self-reliant.

This is NOT a race, we will be (fast) cruising in company so the estimated time is 1hr 30mins start to finish, allowing for any delays.

There Will Be at least one Support RIB

So we’ll be asking for a fuel contribution from all paddlers, but this is NOT an entry fee. Pembrokeshire Ocean Paddlers are having a club paddle, and anyone joining us is asked to also join us in paying a suggested fuel contribution to the private volunteer support RIBs. These boats burn about 8 gallons (about £40) per hour which gets expensive over the time they’re at sea on our behalf.

Each paddler (or boat) will pay a fuel contribution of £20 – if we get enough people that could get to be less.

Join The Downwind

If this sounds exciting and your kind of fun, please fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs. Use this contact for any questions – or you can phone Benjamin on 07860 379 348.



We’re looking forward to seeing you here – these are our 2019 dates:

26th May

23rd June

28th July

11th August

8th September

6th October

20th October

Participation Criteria

Spring Downwind Ski


Ocean Skis

The Downwind is open to single and double skis and all Intermediate and above paddlers. All Ski participants must wear PFD’s and leg leashes and carry a mobile phone in a  waterproof pouch attached to PFD and / or a VHF radio. An Orange Smoke Flare will help us find you in rough conditions.


Ocean Canoes

Open to all classes of OC – from 1 – 6! Real open sea paddling, so Intermediate and above. All Outrigger crew members must wear a PFD and at least one paddler per boat must carry a mobile phone and / or a VHF radio, at least one Orange Smoke Flare is a very good investment.

SUP downwind



The Downwind is open to Intermediate and above SUP paddlers. All SUP participants must wear PFD’s and leg leashes and carry a mobile phone in a  waterproof pouch attached to PFD and / or a VHF radio. Consider and  Orange Smoke Flare – it will help us find you in rough conditions.

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