The Finish Gallery

Photos by Julia Moffett

Julia Moffet, photographer

FBOR’23 Elite Race Finish Line Gallery

A huge thanks to local photographer, Julia Moffat, who covered all the drama of the finish line with her superb eye and camera work. If you’d like a hi-res copy of your finish line portrait, please contact Julia at juliamollymoffett@gmail.com

Jane Swarbreck
Chris Carson
Jane Swarbreck with First Lady trophy
Chris Carson with Dolphin Wave trophy
Lewis Kirton
Rosie Edwards
Drew Howells
Drew Howells Welsh Champion 2023
Olivia Geddes on her last wave
Liv Geddes, Dragon Girl 2023
Brett Irvine finishing
Andrew Birkett riding his final wave
Amy Daysh ready to run
Steve Baker, nearly there
Amy Daysh on her last wave
Roy Fieldus full speed to the beach
Libby Geddes powering home
Fishguard harbour evening
Scot Cuthbertson
James Block, last few strokes to the finsh
Libby Geddes powering home
Steve King
Richard's OC6 on their last wave
Michael Lavarak
Mixed fleet approaching shore
Stephen Yancek
Arran Butler
Tom's OC6 takes the win
Jon White para ski superstar
Winning OC6 team
Tom McGibbon
The FBOR'23 time keeping team

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