Enter Fishguard Ocean Race 2021

Saturday 31st July

FBOR'18 Courses

Fishguard Bay Ocean Race 2021 (FBOR’21)

About the Race, How to Enter and Entry Criteria



Registration  from 08:30 – 10:00 at Ocean Lab Car Park.



Briefing will be at 11:30 at the beach by Ocean Lab


Start 12:00

HW Newport 13:30



ENTRY FEES – Single Ocean and ILS SKIs, and SUPs: £28


BRIEFING11:30 On Goodwick Parrog


START – 12:00 From Goodwick Beach




Goodwick to Newport Sands car park is 11 miles (25mins) on country roads each way –
so please allow at least an hour for the round trip.



Will be 1 hour after the last paddler finishes – Trophies, Medals and Practical Prizes



We’re arranging a post-race meal outside Newport SLSC (Socially Distanced, of course) immediately after Prize Giving – details to follow. Stay and join the fun and banter!


Single Skis:


  • Open (18-39)
  • Masters (40 – 54)
  • Veterans (over 55)
  • Ladies Open
  • ILS Single Skis – Open


  • SUP
  • Prone


Entry Criteria – Safety

As a race committee we have to be sure that every competitor who enters this race is capable, in all the above respects, to successfully complete the course.

So, to enter the race online you will be required to agree to a waiver release (see below) and, at registration, we will require proof of your successfully completing a minimum of one 15+km ocean downwind race within the last 12 months.

Any paddler NOT having an established record of safe finishes in equivalent races must prove their fitness and competence to the race officer before or at registration, preferably by being vouched for by organisers of other races, or you will be excluded from The Race.

At the very least, the waiver (below), which you will be asked to sign in person as hard copy at registration, will be your statement of assurance to the Race Officer that you are fit and capable of safely finishing The Race.

Ski Safety Criteria

Ocean Ski Safety

All Surfski entrants are to wear PFD’s, leg or paddle leashes and carry a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch attached to PFD’s and or (preferably) a VHF radio. O2 mobile reception is very poor in the Fishguard to Newport area so communication will be uncertain. Orange Smoke Flares are also mandatory.

SUP Safety Criteria

SUP and Prone Safety

All SUP entrants are to wear PFD’s, leg leash and carry a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch attached to PFD’s and or (preferably) a VHF radio. Note: O2 mobile reception is very poor in the Fishguard to Newport area so communication will be uncertain. Orange Smoke Flares are also mandatory,

Please note that, in the event of an emergency, the rescue crews have been briefed to prioritise the survival and safety of the casualty above recovery of boat or equipment.

Paddler Indemnity Waiver

“I have read the above description of the Fishguard Bay Ocean Race (The Race) and confirm that:

  1)  I have solid and provable experience in the expected conditions (up to Beaufort force 6) and duration (17km and 1.5 hours) of The Race.

  2)  I can consistently self-rescue/remount my craft in these conditions – multiple times if need be.

  3)  I take full responsibility for the accuracy of my declared experience and competence as provided to the race officer.

  4)  I am fit and capable of successfully and safely finishing The Race without assistance.

  5)  I confirm that my equipment is in full working order and includes each of the items listed below:

  • Bouyancy Aid / PFD
  • Calf Leash
  • Whistle
  • VHF or Mobile Phone (in waterproof pouch with lanyard to PFD)
  • Orange Smoke Flare”


To compete, all individual paddlers must be insured through British Canoeing Canoe Wales/Canoe England/Scottish Canoe Association, etc. If you’re a full BC member you are already covered. If you’re not a member you will need to take out day membership at race registration at £5/day, paid in addition to your online entry fee. Please bring your £5 in cash – no change given. To join Canoe Wales go to  http://www.canoewales.com/membership

Your safety, the safety of your craft, its entire equipment, including insurance, shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/paddler racing the ski or canoe. Where a ski or canoe has been borrowed/rented/hired, etc. it is the paddler’s responsibility that the vessel meets the required standard and insurance requirements.

When taking part in this race you agree to abide by GB Oceanski / Canoe Wales rules.


FBOR'21 Racing Rules

FBOR’21  Course Map – Coming Soon

FBOR’21 Carpark Map – Coming Soon

Cerrig Edrywy, Final Turn – Coming Soon